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Test Case Versioning & Custom Field for Version


Custom fields for test cases appear on the test case form and can be viewed on test case pages. Depending on the custom field type, custom fields are either placed at the top (for small fields) or at the bottom (for larger fields) of the edit form.

We would like to add a short custom text field to the CASE page layout called VERSION, so we can tag what version of our software this Test Case applies to. This way we can copy a Test Case from v5.1 to v5.2 and make minor changes to it for our 5.2 release. We would then have two copies of the Test Case, but slightly different for each release.

  1. When I try to add a plain text field… it adds it to the BOTTOM with minimum of 3 rows… which is WAY too big of a field for this purpose. Like the “Estimate” field at the top… I want it in the TOP and a “short” plain text field. How can I achieve this?

  2. Is my approach the best way to handle Test Cases versioning?