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Test Case TYPE Filter do not take effect on Activities . Is this a bug? f


When I run Project Summary report and use filter “Type” under Test tab to only report on Integration , it has no effect on the report. It shows all.


Hi Viken,

Thanks for your posting! Are you sure it’s the Summary > Project report? There’s no Tests tab for this report (only Details, History, Activity). There’s a Tests tab for the runs/plan summary reports but this would only apply to the tables/list of tests (as part of the Tests section) and not to the Activity section (which is independent of this and shows the results over time; there are time range and status filters for Activity).



Hi Tobias,

Thanks so much for your prompt Reply. I truly Appreciate it!

You are correct. I was referencing Report – Summary – Runs.

We have (2) types of test cases in our test Runs. “Integration” and “System” . We wanted to get Summary-Runs Report by test cases type so we can report statistics on test execution by “Integration” and “System” separately . The Test Filter “Type” does not take effect on the statistics on the Summary-Runs Report. It only takes effect on the “Test & Results” section. I personally think it is misleading to show a listing of test case but the above stats are not matching the listing. Test Filters “Type” should take effect on all the data presented on the Summary –Runs Report; statistics AND “Test & Results”. The Test Filter “Type” is being omitted in some part of the report and used in other.

I attached the Report . In my run, I have (2) integration TC and (1) System. One integration and one System test failed, the other Integration TC is untested. For the report, I selected Test- Filter – Type= “Integration”. The report shows stats for all the test cases in the Run. Not just “Integration”. Only the “Test & Results” section shows the “Integration” filter in effect.

Can you suggest a way to get the a breakdown of test run and activities over time by Test Types in a different way?. We can work around this by creating separate Test runs for each test type, but we are in mid-stream. I also feel the Test – filter – Type functionality should be reexamined in these reports.

Viken Tanielian


Hi Viken,

Thanks for the additional details! You can use the Results > Comparison for Cases report instead and the stats would take the cases filter into account as well. This also allows you to compare multiple runs/plans over time as additional benefit but you can also just run it with a single test run.



Thank you. Unfortunately the Results > Comparison for Cases report is by test case Status not Activity.

Below illustrates the issue at hand. This is in Report- Summary – Runs . My selection is Test Type = Integration. As you see the Activity graph shows ALL the test cases activities in the run, but the listing shows only Integration test cases.

I think the graphs should also show only Test case type=Integration



Hi Viken,

Yes, the activity chart includes all activities and this may be different from the list if you use a filter. Happy to look into this for a future version.



Thank you so very much! . It will help our reporting process.