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Test case title - text box size is too small



Test cases are added in to the Sections. when you press ‘Add test case’ link, a text field is displayed for the test cases title. that text field is very small. It would be nice to make it bigger. This would help in entering text for four than 6 words.



Yep, you’re right, it’s probably a bit too small. It will be bigger in the next version, thanks.


Please, I vote for more length capacity test case field too!


Hi Anastasia,

Thanks for your posting! The size of the input control for the title field was increased with one of the newer TestRail versions and changed to a multi-line control.



Oh, really? I was dreaming about multiline test case titles! I believe I am using the freshest version - we subscribed our project to test Rail only last Friday. Do you know where I shall double check to be able to see those highly desired multilines text fields?


Hello Anastasia,

If you inline-edit a title (the edit icon next to the title in the case grids/tables), you would see the multi-line input field for the title (in the Edit Case Title dialog). The grids/tables would still show the rows as a single line and the multi-line input is just to make it easier to enter long titles.



Ah, ok, thanks! I have been using it then :-))))


Glad to hear that his helped :smile: