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Test Case Temp File



While writing a test case, does TestRail save a temp copy. For example, someone is writing a test case, goes to lunch (without saving), comes back and notices most of his work has vanished. Is there any way to get that back?



Hi Bill,

Thanks for your post! TestRail wouldn’t store a temporary copy or save a draft while creating/editing a test case, and you would just need to be sure to save the case to preserve any details. If multiple users are editing a test case at the same time, and one of the users saved their changes, the other would also receive a notification when attempting to make their save as a soft locking mechanism to ensure that those types of changes aren’t overridden. That said, we’re happy to look into adding a draft save feature to test case (and other entity) editing in a future update to TestRail. Hope this helps!



Thanks Marco, that would be helpful.