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Test case tagging


Does testrail support testcase tagging and being able to filter on tags?




Hello Ali,

Thanks for your email. You can use the new multi-select custom field for implementing tags (available since 2.7):

This also allows you to filter for test cases based on your tags when creating new test runs. Please let me know in case you have any questions.



Hi Tobias,

I think it would be handy to also have a filter that works for test cases that don’t match a given tag - or even better would be to add multiple “matches” / “does not match” clauses, as tests will have a number of tags you might want to filter by.


Hello Glenn,

Thanks for your suggestion, we will look into it. In case you haven’t seen it, you can already filter for multiple tags/items by selecting multiple elements at once (and also choose between AND and OR filtering).



Thanks Tobias,

Yes I saw the AND and OR filters, that’s why I asked about the exclusion filter :slight_smile:


Okay, great. We will look into extending the filtering options for multi-select fields in a future version. Thanks again for the suggestion!



I can’t seem to find this filtering feature while creating testruns. Can you post a few screen shots? My filtering only shows these fileds


Hello Ali,

Thanks for your posting. Glenn has added a test case multi-select custom field for the tags (under Administration > Customizations). This custom field then also appears in the selection filter. I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



I can’t seem to find this filtering feature while creating testruns. Can you post a few screen shots? My filtering only shows these fileds[/quote]

I’m feeling particularly dumb today, but I’m searching desperately for the filtering in TestRail and can’t seem to find it (other than on the ToDo pages) so my question becomes, “araza, what page is that screenshot from?”



Hello Neil,

Thanks for your question. This feature can be found on the pages where you create a new test run or test plan (e.g. Test Runs & Results > Add Test Run > Select Cases).

I hope this helps!



Thank you, Tobias! Much appreciated.



It seems that the labels/tags needs to be pre defined, is there a way where they can be created dynamically, like a user entering text and if the tag doesnt exist it gets created on the fly and added to the list of pre existing tags?


i do not believe testrail currently supports this feature request, but i, too, would find this to be a desirable feature


A couple of features is discussed - which one are you not seeing supported? I can only assume dynamically creating tags…?


yes, its the dynamically creating tags feature