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Test Case / Suite versions


We have test suites which need to be used by seperate teams working on deliveries into different milestones, e.g.

Release 1
Test Suite x - Test Case y - Steps = (1) Do something (2) Finish

Release 2
Test Suite x - Test Case y - Steps = (1) Do something (2) Do something else - new feature (3)Finish

Both releases will have their test cases defined and test plans developed at the same time. How do we ensure that the tests for Release 1 don’t include the ‘Do something else’ step ?


Hi Russel,

Thanks for your posting. When you use different test cases for different releases at the same time, it’s recommended to use separate test suites for this. You could either start separate projects or name the test suites based on the version. The plan is to add support for test suite folders to TestRail at some point and to introduce some additional mechanism to make this approach easier to use. To duplicate a test suite, simply create a new empty test suite, open it and click the Copy/Move dialog in TestRail’s toolbar to copy all test cases from another suite.

We’ve experimented with more formal versioning approaches and will look into this again in the future, but we found that most solutions are too difficult to use and to understand and don’t have many advantages over the above approach.



Thanks for the response Dennis.

We had considered this but wanted to avoid duplication of effort. In this scenario we would need to update changes in more than one version so the Release 1 team would also need to make their updates in the Test Suites of the Release 2 team.


Hi Russel,

Yes, you are correct that you would need to maintain both suites then. But if we had built-in test suite/case versioning, you would also likely need to maintain both versions or branches at the same time. As you can also move around test cases or change/edit sections, versioning would likely have to be done on the test suite level so a version would in effect also just be a copy of the original suite. And because it would just be a copy, we will likely make it easier to maintain test suite copies instead.

I hope this helps.