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Test case steps and expectations



I have configured my edit test case screen to use the steps fields, which looks really great and is easy to use. Now I wonder, is it possible to have the similar step-by-step look for expected result? So that each step can have it’s own expectations…

Thanks in advance


Hello Michael,

There’s currently no support for adding the expected results to a step like you can add the steps to a test case. But the individual step fields are markdown-enabled and allow for rich-text formatting that makes it very easy to enter the steps and expected results in a structured way. For example, a single step and the expected result for this step could look like:

[code]Open the Open File dialog

  • the Open File dialog launches
  • the current directory of the application is selected
  • the allowed file types are ‘.pdf’ and '.*’[/code]

This will render the expected results for this step as a list (there’s a complete reference for all possible formatting options in the help under “Editor formatting reference”). Hope this helps!



That is of course a very simple and easy solution! Why didn’t I think of that :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Glad you like it :slight_smile: