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Test Case sort order not retained when copied to a new Test Case

Hi, I have a project containing my ‘master’ test cases. I had manually sorted these cases into the order in which they are to be completed.

When copying the cases into a new project the manual sort order is ignored, and the text case numbers are used instead so basically the copy displays the cases in the order they were created. This is a real headache as i now need to manually sort the new cases to match the master.

Is this a bug, or have I overlooked an option when copying the cases?



Hey Claire,

It doesn’t appear to be a bug in TestRail 6.6.

Are you on TestRail Cloud or Server ? If you’re on server, you can check your database to see if things make sense by looking at the values of the following.

(adjust query string to narrow down specific sections)

SELECT id,title,section_id,display_order FROM cases;

Disclaimer : You should never make changes to the database, unless explicitly told by us that it is safe with clear instructions.