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Test case sets based on configuration


I am trying to see if TestRail fits our needs.
Our products comes in multiple different configurations (e.g. Config1, Config2, Config3).
The differences between configuration are the sets of supported features.
For example FeatureA is supported by Config1 and Config2, while FeatureB is supported by Config2 and Config 3.
Therefore when I test Config1 I want to run all test cases for FeatureA, but when I test Config2 I want to run all test cases for FeatureA and Feature B.
Also, when I look at the runs for a testcase for FeatureB, I would like to see all runs (all runs for Config1 and Config2).

I could not find a way to map this on TestRail. How do I define what set of test cases each configuration supports? If I I use different test suites (one per configuration) the test cases will have a different ID and I will not be able to see how a test case did across configurations.

Maybe I could use a custom field to tag each test case with the set of configurations that are supported. But then every time I create a test plan I would need to manually apply a filter and select all those matching a filter.

Any suggestion? Am I missing something? Is my explanation clear enough?



Hi Ludovico,

Thanks for your post! You might benefit from TestRail’s Test Plan Configurations feature in order to build your configurations. This feature allows you to quickly create multiple test runs of the same set of test cases to test against your various configurations, and you would be able to compare the results side-by-side for these test runs using the Comparison for Cases report under the Reports tab. You can learn more about test plan configurations in TestRail on our website here:

Hope this helps!