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Test case sections to display the total



It will be handy if we know the total number of test cases under a section that has multiple subsections within it. Currently, the total test cases are displayed next to the subsections.

Any chance this can be accommodated.


Hi there,

Thank you for bringing this up. We do in fact have this and several other related features on our feature request list as we have had several other customers ask about this. We do understand this information would be useful to have. In the meantime, TestRail does in fact display the total number of test cases you have within a repository on the right hand side.

I hope this helps for now! :slight_smile:


Can you add another count for this feature request. Thanks.


No problem! I will make sure we add a vote to this request.


Please count me in for this request.



No problem. I have gone ahead and added another vote.


Me as well. We really should be able to see counts for each section on the left side. The right side doesn’t change if you filter it.

I have to resort to creating a new test plan and adding tests (from a section) there to get a count.


Count my vote for this feature as well :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback! As an alternative in the meantime, and albeit not the most ideal approach, you can use the test case selection filter of the Select Cases dialog when creating a test run (from the Test Runs & Results tab) to select a section and its subsections, and once you set the selection this would display the number of test cases selected prior to submitting the dialog. This could be helpful if you need a count for especially large test case repositories with a large section hierarchy. As Marty mentioned, we do have plans to look into this on the Test Cases tab as well, and I’ve also added your votes to the request. Hope this helps!



Add my vote as well.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve added your vote as well.



Please add my vote as well. thanks.


I have gone ahead and added your vote.


Gurock Team,

Whats the status of this feature request?


Count my vote for this one as well. We provide test case count pretty often to the upper management. I cant see myself adding up test cases all the time from every section and getting a total count. We have thousands of test cases. It would be great to see this in Test Rail soon.


Please, add my vote for this feature as well.


Had the same issue today - so another vote from me. Thanks.


Wow, same deal here. I thought there must be a way and it would be great if I could select the section and highlight total # cases within. Nope! Huge feature that should be in there so PLEASE add this asap! Thanks, great product


Hi All,

Thank you for the posts! I have added all of these new votes to this feature request.



Is there any improvement to this request? We need this support too