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Test Case numbers change when viewed in Test Run

When we create Test Cases, they are numbered like Cxxxxx.

However, when a tester views their TestRun, the numbers change to begin with a T and have no reference back to the original TC numbers.

I understand that since multiple users will be testing these cases that there needs to be numbers to associate the tester with the test case (each individual run), but is it possible to still have the TC numbers there in their Test Run?

We have TC that have dependencies, so we link then using [Cxxxx] so a tester knows they may need to do one test case before the other but they don’t see those references in their test runs.

Clear as mud? Hopefully someone understands and can help me out.

If you’re talking about the case that generated the test, when you click on the test there should be “View Case” at the top under the header bar next to the “Edit Case” button.