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Test Case Jira Integration


When a Jira id is added to a the reference section of a test case the test case is not displayed in Jira. This is because the status has not been changed. Can the Untested status be changed to “final status” to allow test cases to display in JIra immediately.


Hi Bob,

Thanks for your posting. Are you already using the new TestRail JIRA add-ons? Linked test cases are also displayed in the TestRail: Cases panel when viewing an issue (independently of results):

Results for those test cases (or results linked via the Defects field) are automatically shown in the TestRail: Results panel on the left-hand side.




It seems that “untested” is not a status that is displayed in Jira.
I will look at it again.


Hello Bob,

TestRail will only display actual results as part of the TestRail: Results panel in JIRA and an untested test does not have any results so far. You can always jump to the tests in TestRail for linked cases via the cases list on the right (e.g. via their Tests & Results tabs).