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Test Case # is increasing drastically


Why are the test case numbers that I add not increasing sequentially. Over Several projects I may have about 100 test cases but the case numbers are really high (example test case number 83458). I don’t have anywhere near 83k test cases. Some test case numbers are low. Just doesn’t seem to be consistent. I understand that if I delete test cases that there may be a gap in the test case number sequence, I just don’t understand why I now have test case ids in the 83k range



TestRail also “uses” case IDs when closing test runs & plans because this operation creates case copies internally (to implement the archive/versioning features). It’s normal that case IDs increase over time and TestRail was designed to handle large IDs and amounts of cases.

I hope this helps and I look forward to your reply!



There are Test Cases with a case number and Test IDs.
My question is in relation to the Test Case number.
I understand that Test IDs associated with runs increase.
It seems silly to increase the test case number that drastically. Especially for teams who are on CI/CD and run automated tests and close plans daily. This is why there is a baseline feature of test cases - it is my understanding that baselining keeps the record of the test case change.


Closing test runs/plans creates internal test case copies to implement the versioning/archiving features (so changes to cases don’t affect closed runs; you can even delete cases and sections in case repository and the tests & results of closed runs are still there). Baseline support would be independent of this and it’s important to keep the exact same case version you tested against when archiving a test run (e.g. for auditing purposes) and to guarantee that the test details can no longer be changed after closing the run.