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Test case ID to Test ID mapping



When creating test cases, we may link different test case IDs in the respective case(let us say master) with syntax [C…]. When we add master test case to a test run, different test id is generated(T…) but the referred test cases in that test case will be displayed as C… (link).

If the referred test case is also added to test run, is there a way for the user to navigate to respective instance(T…) rather than navigating to Test Suites? This way we would know whether the referred test case is passed or not. Because referring test need not be a basic template test all the times and can have functionality validation also in it.

Sai Akella


@tgurock Can you help out?


You can get case ID (C…) by test ID (T…), but you have to know test run ID to get test ID by case ID.
And there is no way to get it without test run ID.


@bers can you elaborate on how to do this? I have the test Run ID and a i need to get the Test Case ID from the Test ID.