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Test case ID is much higher that the total number of test cases



My problem:
I used quite a lot the section functionally of TestRail and I also created and deleted many test cases. Now I am in a situation were I have only 177 (across all projects) and the next available id is 1180 ! This is starts to become complicated in my everyday workflow : Design a Test case, Implement it, and execute it.

Is there a work around ?

Ideally, I would like to re-use test case ids of test cases which were previously removed.

Any thoughts ?


ID are automatically assigned since it is a primary key int eh DB. Not sure how things get too complicated - we have IDs in the 175K range but we never need to reference them individually.

There will never be a 1:1 ratio of test cases to IDs just cases becoming obsolete over time.


Hi Evangelos,

Thanks for your posting. It’s normal that test case IDs increase over time and TestRail uses them internally as well, e.g. when closing a test run (which creates test case copies). Case IDs are also never reused to ensure that each and every case gets a unique ID.