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Test case history via the API

I would like to be able to retrieve the history of a test case over the API, in some machine-readable format. Ideally, I’d like to be able to get the history of multiple test cases in one call, or just a list of changes made to cases in a given test suite or section. Can you please raise a feature request for this?

Hi Allan!

This is already on our feature request list and I’m happy to add another vote, thanks for your feedback! You can already get the list of changed cases via get_cases and a created_after/updated_after filter for example, but this would still include the cases and not the actual changes.


Thanks @tgurock - do you have a public-facing feature request system? It would be good to see your development progress and be able to vote directly, instead of prompting you to add a vote on my behalf.

Hi Allan,

Our request/ticket system is currently not public, but we use it to keep track of open issues as well as feature requests and release planning. We decide on features and feature “themes” for new versions relatively short term and don’t have exact estimates or planned release dates for features in the system.


Hello guys,

Any updates on this topic?
From test management perspective, this seems to keep a lead away from monitoring and showcasing progress. eg. at test case level we have a checkbox attribute to demonstrate if it is automated or not. Apart from latest status of it which we can get via api we should be able to get historical info on updates so that to be able to iterate through them programmatically and showcase progress, e.g for a timeframe of last 3 months the automated tests have increased by X.


Hi Gogo,

Thanks for your feedback! We still have plans to look into this and agree that this would be useful to have given the various use cases that have been presented to us thus far, however we don’t any ETA on this yet. I’ve also added another vote to this request on your behalf. Hope this helps!


Hi @mgarcia ,

Can you add one more vote for this? We need such feature as well.


Hi Raman,

Sure thing! I’ve added your vote as well.


Hi Everyone,

Did something moved in this topic? (it started 2 years ago) I looked at api and it seems like it’s not there (maybe not seeing it - I hope).

Kind regards,

Hi @mgarcia

One more vote for this please.

No update on this?
We would also like this feature to be implemented.

Hi ccpnelle,

Thank you for posting! We do have plans to review various API improvements for a future update and I have added these most recent votes to our feature request for this. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a specific timeframe/ETA for this yet.


Seriously? In the past 3 years you can not do simple feature? All data is already in the database. We need one simple method: get_case_history_by_id(). You don’t even need to draw the UI interface.

For the last 7 years I have been working as head of QA in various companies. Everywhere I buy Test Rails. But next time I’ll examine competitors ’offers - maybe there are more customer-oriented developers.

Please add yet another vote for this. Seems impossible that this data is readily available to the history tab but can’t be accessed in any other way.

Thank you both for the feedback. I will add your vote to this feature request which helps us prioritize internally. TestRail’s development cycle has been more aggressive than ever before. We’re also actively working on improving the API and fully understand features like this would be nice to have.

For people reading this thread years later…

client.send_get(‘get_cases/%s&suite_id=%s&updated_after=%s’%(project_id, suite_id, timestamp ) )