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Test Case Estimate field suggestions


Hi there,

A few suggestions regarding the estimate field

  1. We have tests which take less than a minute, but it does not seem possible to set an estimate in seconds, such as a test case which takes 30 seconds.

  2. The estimate field is not a force fill field. Would it be possible to have this as an option which could be set in the admin section?

  3. When selecting an active test run or plan on the Test Runs & Results screen, would it be possible to show:

*Estimated time remaining
*Time recorded so far

Having this as an admin option would be great.

  1. When editing a test case, would it be possible to show a history of the actual time it took for the test case to be completed when selecting Test Results? This would mean that we could better estimate test cases by looking at previous test runs of the test case.

Many thanks,



Hello David,

Thanks for the suggestions.

You can specify seconds as follows:

The estimate (time span) fields allow for a variety of input formats. The following modifiers are available:

s - seconds m - minutes h - hours d - days w - weeks

You can use the short form (‘30s’) or the long form (‘30 seconds’) and even combine the modifiers as in (‘1m 30s’) or (‘1 minute and 30 seconds’). TestRail will figure out what you mean. If you just specify a number, TestRail interprets this as minutes.

That’s currently not possible, but I added it to the feature request list and we will consider it for a future version, thanks.

We plan to add a few enhancements regarding estimates and time forecasts to one of the next versions and we are currently designing the features we want to add. It’s likely that your suggestions will be part of this update in one form or another. We aren’t done with designing yet, so I can’t promise if/when this feature will be available, but we will certainly take your suggestions into account.


Documentation - Test Case Fields

Just revisiting this request.

I am also interested in having the option to change the Estimated and Actual fields to a required field.



Thanks for your posting. It’s possible to customize this by adding a UI script (custom JavaScript) and we have a separate forum for such customizations:

Depending on the TestRail version you currently use, you can already use the following UI scripts:

UI scripts can be entered in TestRail’s administration area (by a TestRail administrator) and you can learn more about UI scripts here:

We are also happy to help in case you have any questions.