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Test case description linked to test executions


If you take a look at the attached snippet, yo can see three tests: T2, T7 and T99.
At the time T2 and T7 were executed, the test steps description was “Click on the logout button” only.
Before executing T99, I changed the description as follows:
"1. Click on the logout button
2. Now I have […]"
After T99 I added “3. And again.”.

I cannot trace back changes in the test description. When I click on T2, the test description shows all 3 test steps - but at the time it was executed the test description contained only two steps.

Each test execution holds the exact information it has been executed with. For me, this is an essential feature because test description get updated/changed from time to time and I as a test manager/product owner etc. want to trace back under which conditions a test has been executed.


Hi Boris,

Thanks for your posting. You can archive finished test runs and this “freezes” the tests & results in a run in a way that changes to the cases are no longer propagated to those tests/results:

TestRail has additional versioning features such as baselines (to track multiple branches of the case repository at the same time) and you can find a good introduction on versioning features here: