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Test case customization


i want to have a button known as “Set as pending review” after i have completed writing a test case and send the test case for review just like it is in this snippet, who can help on that.


Hi Gideon,

Thank you for posting! TestRail does not currently have a built-in approval / comment system. Any user with the necessary permissions would be able to edit the test case at any time without approval being required. We have teams that have used custom fields to manage this type of functionality in the past (for example by creating a custom workflow/status field at the test case level with values such as pending, needs review, approved, rejected, etc) and this would be our recommendation at the moment. Users would need to manually set this field to pending / needs review in order for the appropriate user to see that the test case needs approval. A custom field can also be filtered when creating a test run, so that only approved test cases are included in test runs. We have received this as a feature request before and we’re happy to review adding a built-in approval system for a future update. I have added your vote to our feature request for this. That said, we don’t have a specific timeframe/ETA to provide for this yet.

I hope this helps!