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Test Case Coverage Report



I need to create a report that lists all Test Cases for a project, and then displays which test cases have been assigned to a Test Run (and which haven’t been assigned). Ideally I need to see the Configuration in the Test Run they have been assigned as well…

How would I create this report?


Hi Greg,

Thanks for your posting. The Results > Comparison for Cases report does exactly that and the report looks as follows:

It shows a side-by-side comparison for your cases. The scope (runs) can be configured on the Test Runs tab when creating the report. Empty cells indicate that the case is not included in a run and the Latest (Coverage) Column is the coverage across all runs (last result/status or empty if not included in all runs).

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,
I have the same question than HomeTechGreg but I don’t find in your answer this part of his question : “(and which haven’t been assigned)”.

If I’m not mistaken the report you mention is based only on the status of the Test Run created after the Test Cases, but what if some Test Cases are not yet covered by a Test Run at all ?

This report of Test Run coverture of Test Cases is the most basic coverage report that can be, and for us the most immediate need, can you please help us to get this report with our ongoing evaluation ?

Edit : I found that there is a newer thread for this topic => Report on Test Cases NOT run

It would be really nice if you could improve this specific report which is one of the most used “basic” reports to have a visibility on test coverage.

Many thanks