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Test case copy history?


In my TestRail schema, usually within the same project. several test suites contain different versions of the same tests. Different teams make use of each test suite. Whenever creating a new copy, it is important to know the copy history to see what changes other teams have made to their respective versions.

Is there a test case copy history accessible through the UI? The relationships of interest are not only the parent, but the parent’s other copies as well.

If this is not accessible through the UI, are there meta tags exposed through the API such that a script can retrieve/create this relationship?



Hello Steve,

Thanks for your posting! Copying test cases will not copy their history and TestRail considers copies as new test case with their own history. It usually makes sense to look into ways to use the same test case instead of creating test case copies and a good starting point is to fewer test suites (or maybe even just one test suite). You can still filter, slice and dice (and even “multiply” when using configurations) etc. the test cases when creating test runs & plans. This is especially useful if you need to test against multiple configurations or environments:



I have similar situation. There are 2 releases in parallel. Both have to be tested. For each next major release I create a copy of a baseline from the previous release. Test plans and Test runs are created based on the corresponding baseline. When I create a copy of the baseline I’d like to have an option to copy history of test cases as it’s important to view original author, changes and test results for a test case.


Hello Alexander,

Thanks for your feedback, that’s appreciated! Happy to add another vote to this feature request.



Thanks Tobias. Are there any estimations when this feature will be developed? In other words, how many votes should it have to be developed?


Hello Alexander,

We currently don’t have an estimate unfortunately so it’s difficult to say if or when this feature is added. We are conservative about promising features or giving estimates so we don’t disappoint anyone if plans change but we regularly review and revisit features for new versions and take into account the popularity of the feature requests of course.