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Test case assignment reassigning to default users?

Hi there,

In the last update, when we create a test run, it automatically assigns all the test cases to the person that originally created the test case. After we take the time to assign the test cases out, if someone goes in to edit the test run, all the cases in that run reverts to the default.

Is there a way to stop this?

Hi Cyndy,

Thanks for the post! When assigning editing or creating a test run, all tests in the run will be assigned to the user specified in the ‘Assign To’ field of the run.

If you would prefer to not have all tests assigned to the single user, you can change the value of this drop-down to the blank value at the top of the list. This will prevent any edits to your run from reassigning all tests to a single user.

This also applies to editing test runs within test plans. Changing the assignee to the blank/empty value will prevent the reassignment of tests when making edits to your plans.

I hope this helps,