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Templates, Testcase Steps seperated

Hello, we are using TestRail for our manual and automated testing. I’m facing a issue as described below. I need a recommendation how to solve.


We have different Templates for different Tests e.g. Standard Test and Advanced Test. I created case fields and a case field is Steps (seperated) for these Tests.

In a new template I need seperated Steps too, but with different layout. This template shall be used only for this test.

Layout Standard and Advanced

|Step | Expected Result |

New Test Layout

|Step | Command | Expected Result |


TestRail informs me, that I cannot create a new Case field with Steps, because is already one available.


How I can create more then one Steps Case fields which are only valid for different Templates?

The “steps” field type is flexible and you would simply add it to other test case templates using the checkboxes under “This field applies to the following templates only”

That said, the field currently only support Step and Expected Result. The “command” part of your example would likely need to be in a different text field. Alternatively using TestRail’s markdown you could create the table needed, but of course this is more involved than simply using the Steps field type.

Adding additional columns in addition to steps/expected results is currently on our todo list. I will add your vote to this feature request which helps us prioritize internally, but we do not currently have a target date for this feature release.