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[Technical problem] - Edit Test Plan page freezes in Safari browser


Given I am using:

  • Safari browser version: Version 10.1 (12603.
  • TestRail version

And I have created a Test Run where i added a Test Plan
When I click on edit Test Plan
Then the browser freezes and enters to infinity loading


Hi Sara,

Thanks for your post! Are you using TestRail Server or TestRail Cloud? If TestRail Server, you may want to look into increasing the PHP memory limit (as this is quite low by default), as this could be caused due to lack of resources when opening the page. You can learn more about increasing this on our website here:

Hope this helps!



Thanks for replying.
We are using TestRail Cloud.
Actually i started having the problem only today, only with Safari browser and only on Test Plan edit page. All the rest keeps working correctly.

Thank you


Hi Sara,

Thanks for your reply! I wasn’t able to replicate this behavior on a vanilla TestRail Cloud instance with the same Safari version. The issue you described would usually indicate some kind of JavaScript issue, and can you please check if you have any UI scripts active in TestRail that could cause this? UI scripts would be configured under Administration > Customizations at the bottom of the page. Could you disable any UI scripts you might have to verify this? You may also want to disable any browser extensions in case these are also causing conflicts. Hope this helps!



I removed Testrail scripts and I disabled browser extensions.
Result nothing, the browser keeps crashing at the same point.

I will try in other computers and let you know.