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Technical Admin vs Business / User Admin

Hi, I initially implemented TestRail at our site but recently management has taken over. They show me I have Admin privileges, but I cannot get into the Administration Tools to do any of the normal admin things like creating & managing projects or doing customization tasks. The only thing I should be locked out of is User Management. What Admin settings does management need to set to give me these project & customization privileges back?

The only way to be a true Admin and get into the Administration tab is the checkbox on the Edit User screen:

problem is - any true Administrator can manage users. There really is not a way to separate out the User Administration from everything else.

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@tgurock Please add a vote on this feature for separated admin tasks for me! Thanks,


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the post. We have a few different internal requests for separating out certain aspects of the admin panel. I’ve added your votes and feedback to these requests, and we’ll be looking at updating admin user permissions in future updates.

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Hey BGanger, My intention was to get another vote / request. I guess it worked. :slight_smile: