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TCP Server Enable


I cannot Enable the TCP Server on my Laptop ( XP Home ).
I just get the message "Could not start the TCP Server. Please make sure no other process is listening on the same port."
I have removed any FireWalls, stopped any “Process” I did not think was part of Windows ie 3rd parties.
I don’t know what to try next, any ideas ?


Hello Keith,

At first, I would try to set a different port for the TCP server. This can be done in the TCP options dialog (Tools | Options | TCP). If the TCP server then works correctly, the original port was already bound to a different server/process. In this case, it might be that you have the Console started twice (with one instance perhaps hiding in the tray area?).

If switching to a different port does also not work, then you could test if limiting the server to a specific interface does the trick. By default, the TCP server tries to bind to all network interfaces of your computer. It might be a problem with a mobile network device of your laptop.

In the TCP options, just limit the TCP server to the address and see if it’s works.

Hope that helps!


Thanks changing the Port number worked, I have no idea what hooked up port 4228, certainly not another copy of the console, as I even tried rebooting and limiting the address to ( Laptops WiFi IP Addr ).
Is there a time limited version of the Redistributable Console that can be trialed ?
Thanks again


Great to hear that’s it working now. Btw, if you are interested in finding out which process is using the original port, you could use the ‘netstat’ Windows command line tool.

Regarding the Redistributable Console, there is currently no trial available for this version. The Redistributable Console is just a stripped-down version of the normal Console. If you are interested in the list of features not available in the Redist, please write me an email (just click on my name below). Thanks!


I forgot to add that I could also issue you a time-limited serial number for the full version of SmartInspect which includes the Redistributable Console. This way you could try the Redistributable Console yourself. Please send me an email me if you are interested.