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Task assignment doesn't work


I have a test plan, and assigned the tasks in the runs to a user and saved that change.

Next, when I open the runs from the plan, I see that the assignment didn’t change from the previously assigned user.

What am I missing here?


Hi Detlef,

Thanks for your post! The assign feature when editing a test plan would only work for the first time a test has been assigned. So this would work when creating the test plan or if any of the tests in the runs are still unassigned. This is to prevent any accidental overrides of tests that have been assigned to a tester already. If you need to make a change to any/all assignees in a run, then we would recommend doing this on the run level when viewing the run specifically (instead of when editing the test plan). You can use the ‘Assign To’ button in the table toolbar to change all assignees in the run if needed here. Hope this helps!