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Tabular Results Entry


While we have been successfully using TestRail 5.1 for software development for a while, we are just starting to use it for hardware development. The use-cases are different when developing and testing hardware, as often times tests call for the measurements of signals across different criteria ranges, such as temperature.

What we need is a way of specifying a table of criteria to be entered in the expected results, and for this same table to be edited when running the test. The markup table currently available is insufficient (it’s awkward, and does not automatically carry over from expected to actual results). We have thought about simply attaching a spreadsheet to the test, but there is no way to ensure that same spreadsheet is being filled out or subsequently attached during the running of the test. A consistent and reliable method of capturing tabular results data is needed.


Hello Phil,

Thanks for your feedback! We can recommend using the table feature for this. I agree that the table syntax is a bit difficult to write manually but the table dialog is great for generating a table:

If you open the case in edit mode (e.g. in a different tab), you can also directly copy & paste the table code from the expected result to the actual result.

I hope this helps!



I agree with Phil that more is needed in this space. What I’d really like to see is a feature that would allow the tester to put the test results into a predefined format within the results tab. The idea behind this request is to remove the variability in which results are reported by the various testers.

What is missing is the ability to predefine the format in which the results are entered. If such a feature was available you would define a table once and reuse it verses having to create it every time you need to input results.

I think you were responding as to how to input a table into a testcase which is different than pre-formatting results entry data format in the results tab.

I hope this clarifies the request.


Hello Gordon,

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, that definitely makes sense and support for preformatted forms/tables for entering actual results sounds great indeed. We will make sure to look into this for a future version and I’ve added this to our feature request list for now.

Thanks again!