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Tables -> how to escape Pipe character


My cells have values with | characters , like 12|4|2

The problem is that when I put such values into the tables in TestRail, it treats pipes like special characters. How can I escape them ? I tried ` and \ but they do not seem to work inside the tables.


Hello Pawel,

That’s currently not possible unfortunately. Do you have the option to use a different character such as a comma, for example?



Not really :frowning:

We need to show exactly what is in the database and there are pipes.

Is there a chance you add such possibility in the close future ?


Hello Pawel,

Yes, we are happy to look into this, definitely makes sense to support this. As a workaround in the meantime, I would recommend looking into using a different symbol and adding a note under the table. That’s not ideal, I know, but would be a possible workaround.



Please add this feature asap.


Thanks for your feedback, Henry!



Indeed it is a most needed feature. Please add it.


Thanks for your feedback, Simon!



Can you please +1 from us too :slight_smile:


Thanks, Glenn :slight_smile:



Is this is an issue with no workaround??? A test management tool is highly probable to need to document test cases around special characters, this is a must.


Hi there,

We are in fact hoping to implement this into a future release of TestRail.


This would still be a really useful feature, any updates on when this may be rolled out?


Hi Melissa,

Thanks for your reply! We still have plans to look into this for a future update to TestRail, but we don’t have any timeframe/ETA we can provide for this just yet. I’ve also added your vote to the feature request as well.



+1 Using testrail for linux procedure. Cant escape ``. Had to switch for l in seq 1 10; to for ((l=1; l<=10; l++));


Is there any update on this?


Hi Saritha,

This has not been released for TestRail as of yet. However, I will add your vote to this additional handling of markdown inside tables to help us prioritize this.

In the meantime, you may be able to achieve this with a UI script and a find/replace function. You can find out more about UI scripts in our documentation here.

You wouldn’t necessarily be able to prevent the pipe character from being interpreted as a table column divider inside a test case, however you could use a UI script to change a placeholder in your table into a pipe character in the user interface.

For example, if you used ‘\pipe’ in your table where you need a pipe escaped, and then use a UI script to search for this ‘\pipe’ and replace it with ‘|’.

I hope this helps you in the meantime.


+1 - I need this feature as well.


Hi malcolmc,

Thanks for the additional feedback. I’ve added your vote to improve our text editor and specifically include a escape character.