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Tables displayed on one line


Hi there

Is there a way to display 2 or 3 tables next to each others on one line.
We tried some functionalities of TestRail but the tables appear always one on top of each other.
The field where we would like to do it is announcement in a project but it could also be a test case.

Any tip/advice please?



Hi there!

Thanks for your posting. Tables are currently always shown below each other and this is the best option with compact resolutions or the three-pane view. An alternative might be to create a larger, combined table instead of multiple smaller ones (in case this would be a good fit for your data).



Hi Tobias

If we combine tables, can we merge the cells?




Hi Stephanie,

You can merge the cells/rows manually and would basically need to reformat the multiple smaller tables into a single, larger one. The easiest way is to add a new table with the table formatter and then copy the cells over to the new table: