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System.RTL Version error


I am getting the following error after adding SiAuto to my project file

“Unit SmartInspect was compiled with a different version of System.RTL Version”

I am using Delphi 6.0 SP2 and have reapply RTL Patch2.




I was able to solve the problem by moving the path from “C:\Program Files\Gurock Software\SmartInspect Professional\lib\delphi\delphi6” to “C:\Program Files\Gurock Software\SmartInspect Professional\source\delphi”. Compile the application which then created the DCU and copy them back to the “Lib\Dephi\Delphi6” directory.



Hello James,

The SmartInspect Delphi library for Delphi 6 is compiled against a Delphi 6 with the general update 2 plus the additional RTL update 2 and 3. I think the missing RTL update 3 is the reason for this error. But as you already noticed, you can always use the source code directly instead of the pre-compiled binaries.