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System directory


Hi all

There is a method to specifiy a virtual path like %APPDATA% (or innosetup “{userappdata}”) in sic files ?


Ing Giuseppe Monteleone


Hello Guiseppe,

I think you can use variables that are recognized by Windows (or CreateFile, to be more precise), so %APPDATA% should already work (I can’t test this currently because I’m not in the office until tomorrow).

Alternatively, you can use the Connection Variable feature of SmartInspect to use variables in the connection string and then fill the variables in your application (in fact, this feature was explicitly added for the log path/directory scenario). You can use connection variables as follows:

Then in your application:

Si.SetVariable(‘filename’, );

I hope this helps!



Hello Guiseppe,

I tested it and it does not seem to be supported, but you can always use our Connection Variable feature to emulate this behavior. As explained above, you would just need to use the variable in your connection string and then set the actual value with SetVariable at runtime. To find out the APPDATA path, you can use a function such as SHGetFolderPath. Hope this helps.