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Syncing project lists between cloud TestRail and on-prem?


We have a situation where we have a requirement to have a cloud instance of TestRail, but also have an on-premise instance of TestRail and to keep the test case library or reference project mirrored at both locations so that users using the cloud instance (external partners) are working from the same test repository that are being used internally.

Is there a method to make sure both instance are ‘sync’d’? Could this be done by having the backend databases natively sync on a given schedule, if there’s no way to do this through the TestRail app itself?


That is a difficult proposition as the versions for Test Rail will need to be the same to ensure that the db versions are exactly the same.

When I looked at their documentation a couple years ago I saw nothing that considered this workflow. For me - it seems one will have to be the ‘master’ and the other is updated from the master; updates only go one way.

Probably going to b best to contact support directly by creating a ticket but I can really see it only going via a database restore from the master to the other install. Maybe - depending on how many cases are being added or changed a manual process that exports the cases in one install and they are imported into another (you would lose all attachments/screenshots I believe) it would have to be done per project as well I think and the imported cases would have a different Case/Run/Plan etc… ids.

You would really need to work out the requirements to a good amount of detail to make sure everything is covered by any specific plan.