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Swift API Library


I’ve just released TestRailKit 1.0.0 Alpha 1. This is a fully typed server side Swift wrapper for the TestRail API. Where the kindly provided bindings from Gurock help create a client in various languages. This goes a lot further and has everything fully typed, including the client, all the models and endpoints. You get automatic encoding and decoding of models and the flexibility to use your own models if you have different needs. We’re just about to start a fairly large project that will utilize this library. So I don’t expect a lot of major changes to it, but it should help it become 1.0.0 quickly.

The majority of these models have been built using our own private server which doesn’t have any modifications on it. Found the odd bug or discrepancy in the docs which I’ve let support know about. But that’s been good in understanding the API in more depth. One of the reasons we chose TestRail was the API.

So just letting people know in case they’re interested. Also cc’ing @sjpknight and @jon.reynolds simply as I see you on this forum and know you’re employees and might be interested.

Any questions, let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much for this contribution ! This could be really useful for many teams. Definitely had to bookmark this for future reference.


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