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Support Policy and EOL


I’ve been looking around and can’t seem to find a page that tells me what the support policy is and which versions are supported, ending support or not supported any further. Can anyone point me to such a page?



Is your install self hosted? If so - they have answered questions about older versions from time to time though most of those answers have been - it was fixed in version xxxxx.

I don’t know that there is any specific support EOL though in the 2 years we have used it, so many things have been added that benefit us and our users that I can’t see staying on an older version for any amount of time.


We are self-hosted.

This is just to have a single place that people can go to find out what versions of the software US Bank/Elavon suggest different groups should be using and when they should upgrade. We base that on the available support for the version.

If you guys state that you will support any version out there, then I’ll leave the “End of Support” date open ended….


Just be sure to wait for Gurock to chime in for any official notice.



Thanks for the request. In general we recommend using the latest version so you benefit from any bug fixes and improvements. In general we can also answer and support older TestRail versions, as long as they are reasonably recent, but to fix issues or similar we might need to upgrade to the latest version. In general updating TestRail is very easy and you only usually need to do this 2-3 per year. But you can also keep using a version for longer if you like and we would still answer usage/product questions for recent versions.

I hope this helps!