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Super Small Feedback for Separate Steps


Hi there,

I’m playing around in the new version of TestRail (4.0) and liking the cleaner presentation of test cases information.

A tiny bit of feedback (because every bit counts right?), I would really love if my separate steps (which I use all the time) didn’t have the “Separate Steps” heading and dividing line, as they already have the “Step” and “Expected Result” heading and dividing line underneath. It just feels like an extra bit of clutter for me and if it was gone, would support the cleaner design you’ve got going.


Hello Bethani,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you like the new UX. Yes, we already looked into this but weren’t 100% satisfied with the result so we left it the way it currently is. It’s still on our list of things to look into and we will make sure to look into this again for a future version. Thanks again for your feedback!