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Summing up forecast for TestSuites, Test plans and sections


In our test team the question about the time needed for a section or a test suite occures very often. But we have no chance of getting that numbers in a convenient (of course exporting the plan or suite would do, but I and my team really long for a solution thats like “let me just have a look at the numbers” without effort).

Let me show, what we would really appreciate:

Forcast for the test suits

Forcast and estimates for the test sections

Forecast (untested only) in the test plan view

Hint: Each single point would help if it is not possible to do a feature like that as a whole.

Kind regards,


Hi Manuela,

Thanks for your post and feedback! You can view the total estimate when viewing a test suite by hovering over the number of cases in the top of the section sidebar to the right. Aside from that, other estimate/forecast totals would need to be either generated per entity via reports under the Reports tab, or exported to e.g. Excel to calculate this externally. That said, we’re happy to review adding support for the suggestions you mentioned above. I wouldn’t be able to provide any timeline/ETA for this, but I’ve added it to our list and we’re happy to look into this for a future update to TestRail. Hope this helps!