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Summary with overview of every Test Case


Hi all,

I’m struggling a bit with my reports.
Am I like blind or does the following function not exist?
It’s just about showing all test cases in a summary ranked as they are shown in the “Test Run & Results” tab AND itemize ALL their results beyond the test case?
E.g. - simple example but I think you guys know what I mean :wink:
Test Case 1: Failed (Date), Passed (Date).
Test Case 2: Passed (Date)

Hope someone has an idea :slight_smile:



Hi LeRi,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, there’s such a report. You can use the Results > Comparison for Cases report from the Reports tab in this case and this compares/displays a matrix of cases/results:

You can select the runs to include on the Sections & Test Runs tab when creating the report.