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Summary report with specific selection


Scenario: We have customized ‘Add Result’ window to add drop-down field ‘Environment’.

Assuming we have environments like dev, test, pre-prod
Tester, by default, execute the cases on ‘test’ environment and select the same while adding result.
For all failures in test environment, he has to test in pre-prod and add the status accordingly.

After the completion of execution, test run/plan summary shall give me beautiful pie charts with status of tests on different environments like
test env: 70 total, 50 passed, 20 failed
preprod env: 20 total, 10 pass, 10 fail

Query: Is it possible to customize to show test execution summary based on environment, i understand TestRail currently shows summary based on test result.


Hi Buddi,

Thank you for the post. The report would display results based on test result however you should be able to include the environment column and short your results based on that column. Which specific report are you running?


Thanks martylavender for the reply.

I tried reports like test run summary, references but neither of the report has option to choose field in ‘add result’ window.
Am I missing anything?


Anybody there with a solution please


Hey Buddi,

Thank you for the follow up. Keep in mind that depending on the field type, you may or may not be able to include it in a specific report. For example, result type fields would show up in result related reports. i.e. run summary reports, etc.


Hey Martylavender,

Thanks for the reply.

I tried ‘property distribution’ as well, but couldn’t see my expected report.

Would you please suggest which report should I be creating to have summary of results across multiple environments …