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Summary Report based on test case priority


I’m trying to run a summary report on a milestone where I need the test execution status (including the pass/fail/blocked… pie chart) only for the test cases that are marked with “Priority” as “High”. I tried to create a Summary report (Milestone) and chose “High” under Report Options->Tests->Apply the following filter for the tests->Filter->Priority. The report runs but it includes ALL tests regardless of the priority! How can I fix this and get a summary report just for the test cases marked as high priority?


Hi Sriram,

Thanks for your posting. You can use the Summary > Runs report in this case and the statistics/pie chart of this report also take into the filters you configured on the Tests tab. To include all runs/plans of a milestone, you can either use a milestone filter or select the runs manually with the Add Runs dialog (on the Test Runs tab when you create the report). The filter for the tests can be configured on the same Tests tab as with the Summary > Milestone report.

I hope this helps!


Hello Tobias,

This still doesn’t work. Your reply to Sriram - your suggestion, is just a slight variation on what he tried.
I tried exactly what you suggested in your reply today - Using Summary --> Runs, and it allows me to select and apply a filter on priority in the Tests Tab. But just as Sri reported 1 year ago, the resulting report is on the entire milestone, not on the subset of cases in that milestone with a high priority. Can your team please try to retest this?
What we are trying to do is apparently fully supported functionality in testrail, it just doesn’t work?



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