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Summary Plan Report with Activity set to Yesterday shows more than yesterday



I am trying to generate a Summary Plan Report for “Yesterday”. After generating the report and viewing it, I see Activity from more than yesterday. I think it is showing all Activity, but haven’t dug into it deep enough.

Anyone else having this problem or can tell me what I am doing wrong? I will post screenshots after I get out of a meeting.

Thanks for your time,



Here are screenshots of my report settings.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your post! The Activity filter would just be used for the Activity section of the report, and so this should adhere to the timeframe you set in the report options. Other sections (e.g. such as the list of Tests) would use the filter from the Tests tab, and so you would want to also include a timeframe filter on this area if you want to limit the test details in the report as well.

Hope this helps!