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Summary (Defects) Report not showing the latest run defects only


Given I have a Test Plan that includes several Test Suites, I would need to create a Defect summary (namely “Summary (Defects)” template) able to list all the defects associated to the run test suites, showing only the defects affecting the latest run for each testcases.

So far I tried any config available without success.

The issue I am facing is that if a testcase fails due to defect X and then by executing it again at another time it fails due to defect Y, I don’t want to see defect X listed anymore in the Summary (Defects) report as it is happening now.

Can you please help me on this issue?

Thank you for your supprt.

Hi @alemagl,

Thanks for reaching out! It’s not currently possible to filter out just the recent defects and all defects would be shown as you’ve seen. That said, I see how this would be a valuable option so I have created a feature request for you and have added your vote which helps us prioritize.

I hope this helps!