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Here are some suggestions :-

  1. Option to select a mono spaced font in the grid.
  2. Option to select a mono spaced font in the export HTML file
  3. Option not to have the icons ( pictures ) in exported HTML file ( that then means the HTML file is self contained and then you can just give the only the one file )
  4. Option to export the ‘time’ column ( in the current selected type ) in the HTML File.


Hello Keith,

Thanks for the suggestions! We will consider adding new options for the requested features in a future version. In the meantime, for the HTML features you could write a little tool that takes a SmartInspect exported XML file and transform it to HTML with your own layout.

If you write a utility for this, you could add it to the Console’s Tools menu (Tools | Configure Tools) and automatically let the Console export the log to XML and call your program.


Me again :wink:
More suggestions :-

  1. Some Visual feed back on the state of “Ignore Packets” as I have cought my self out a few times, as I use the keyboard short cut to toggle it.
  2. Filter which fileds get exported in CSV ( Check boxes ) or better still two list boxes with add and remove button between them, that way you could select the fields and which order they are in. The Time field could have several entries just like the Time on the Console Grid.
    3 . And again MONO spaced font on the “Console Grid” as I tend to format my log messages neatly, an the formatting is blown away by proportional fonts in the Grid.


Hello Keith,

Thanks for the suggestions, I added them to our feature request list. It looks like the font option is one of the more popular requests, as it has already been suggested by several users.