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Suggestions for external Dashboard


We would like to publish a dashboard of data from TestRail in IE/Sharepoint for managers outside of the QA group to see.

I know there is nothing in TR for this as of yet (I know about the internal TR Dashboard). I would like to ask those who have created dashboards for TR for external use on what they used, how they did it and how difficult it was to create. We run the local TR instead of having it hosted as well. We use Sharepoint internally so it would probably be best to use it rather than purchase more software. We also use Visual Studio for app development (with C#).

I am not a programmer so I will need to provide the details of what we need to do and the queries to use.

Thanks for any suggestions/help/tips.


Hello Brian,

Thanks for your posting. There are two options for this. You can either look into displaying/integrating scheduled reports generated by TestRail:

Or you can look into using TestRail’s API to query and display data (for example, with a Sharepoint plugin):

I’m happy to provide additional details if you could let us know your requirements.