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Suggestions based off trial usage



We’re currently trialing Testrail within our company to see if it’s a good fit for us. Along the way I’ve written down some suggestions based off my personal use and feedback from the team. Keen to hear from GuRock about these as we start to decide if we want to go forward with it or not.

Copy Test Suites between projects - We currently work on numerous mobile phone titles, and between them a lot of the test suites are exactly the same, such as iCloud testing, Device compatibility etc. I can’t see a way to copy test suites from one project to another, nor export and import them easily.

Edit Severity and other columns from test suite view - For quick editing when entering high level tickets from the test suite view, I’d like to be able to adjust the severity and other columns using dropdowns rather than having to open each ticket individually.

Mass Edit Test Cases - Similar to the above suggestion, the ability to mass edit a bunch of test cases at once would be really useful for us. In some cases, we’ll have a bunch of tickets with different titles but the exact same test cases steps etc inside - copying/pasting into individual test cases one by one has been tiresome.

Return to same position after editing a test case - After editing a test case and saving, it returns to the top of the test suite page. To make it easier to resume it could return to the same position down the page.

Descriptions for sections - Within a test suite we have multiple sections. We’d like to have a description under a section like you can with a test suite, just to introduce the section and explain it’s use.

View assignment detail from Testplan view - When viewing an active testplan, it’s not easy to see which test suites are assigned out and which aren’t, without going into each individually. Since a test suite can be divided among multiple people it’s not practical to show a single user name, but perhaps a percentage assigned and overall assigned percentage would help.

Thanks! If anything else comes to mind i’ll let you know.

Dwayne Kirkwood


Hello Dwayne,

Thanks for your posting and your feedback. Please see below for my answers:

  1. Copying test suites: you can already use the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog for this. You would need to create the new test suite, open it and can then copy all/some test cases from the source test suite with the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog. This dialog can be opened when you view a test suite via the copy icon in the toolbar. It’s also planned to make this a bit easier by removing a few steps (e.g. manually creating a test suite first).

      1. We currently work on a larger redesign of the most important pages in TestRail (suite/run/todo) and the issues you’ve mentioned have a high priority for us for this redesign. We know that features like mass-edit and keeping the position are currently missing/not ideal and we already work on improving this. Thanks for your feedback on this.

For the mass-edit features, there’s already a workaround available via the XML export & import option with the “Update existing test cases” option enabled.

  1. We haven’t received this feature request before I believe but I agree that it makes sense to display the Assigned To fields for the test runs. I’ve added this to our list of things to look into for now and we will make sure to look into this for a future version as well.

Thanks again and please let me know in case you have any further questions!




Thanks a lot for your reply! Glad to hear that these issues are going to be addressed in future updates.

We’re nearing the end of our trial period now, how do we go about moving to a paid plan? Do I need to backup the trial server before it expires?



Hello Dwayne,

Thanks for the feedback! Glad to see that TestRail looks like a good fit for your team. I just looked up your account details and noticed you are using a TestRail trial on our servers. If you just want to subscribe to your TestRail account and continue using it, you can just create a subscription under Administration > Subscription. There’s no need to backup/move any data. You can simply continue using the account as-is. If you plan to move to a local TestRail instance then you would need to go through additional steps that we are happy to explain as well.