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Hi Guys,

I would give you a suggestion about Si.Dispatch method. Actually it’s work only with memory protocol but if there isn’t memory protocol in connections it’s raise an exception.

Could be useful to have a metod like
QueryDispatch(const ACaption: WideString; const AAction: Integer; const AState: TObject): Boolean;

that check if you can dispatch to a particular Caption.

In this case I could always put a dispatch in the main window closing routine (fox example) and decide via sic file to enable or not memory protocol.

Ing Giuseppe Monteleone


Hello Giuseppe,

Thanks for the suggestion. Such a method would indeed be useful and we will consider it for a future release. However, you can safely ignore the exception and wrap it in a try … except block without any consequences. The method just raises an exception to signal that no such connection exist and ignoring the exception would be fine in this case.