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Suggestion to make the big "Passed" percentage as "Executed" percentage?

The above graph where there’s also the big “Passed” percentage on the right side is kind of redundant and quite confusing as it also has the “Untested” percentile showing below it.
Do you expect us to manually add/subtract all Untested just to know the percentage of Execution?
It would be better to make it as Execution percentage since “Passed” percentage denoted by the green color is already shown.

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I vote for my previous request first, but I also agree with @ninodooc, I never have liked the way the results are presented.

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I would prefer to be able to Edit what is considered PASSED.

When I added Custom Statuses there is a checkbox that asks if the status is considered final. I would think that any status w that box chekced should be included in the PASSED percentage. That means you could remove the check from the UNTESTED status to resolve the original poster’s question. But for my needs I would add the check to CANCELLED statuses as well.

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Also, we have this “Conditional Pass” custom status and by definition Conditional pass is as good as a Pass with certain conditions. So it should be reflected on the overall “Pass” status on the right side.
Based on the example below and as @mryan pointed out that we should be able to edit what is considered as PASSED, the actual overall pass status should be 96% (93% Passed and 3% Conditional Pass).

Add my vote for this.