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Suggestion: Manual scaling of graph


I love the graph feature in SmartInspect. However, often I find the auto scale feature a problem, making it hard for me to look at the graphs the way I want to. Let’s say I have two watches both viewed as graphs. Let’s say that 99% of the time, both of the graphs behaves nicely with somewhat similar values. This is all good, now the auto scale feature is great and I can see the details I want to. The problem is the last percent; a much larger value is received at one of the watches. The scale will now auto-change to fit the new large value, with the result that all the other values will appear as one (equal) small value. The problem is that the small values are as interesting as the large one, but it is impossible for me to look at the details after having received the large value. The only thing I can do is clear the graph, but then I will of course loose all my old interesting values.

What I would like:

  1. The possibility to set the scale for each watch myself.
  2. The possibility to zoom in the graph window. I do not always want to see the entire scale for all watches.

Best Regards


Hello Rickard,

Great to hear that you like the watches graph. We know the auto-scaling is not optimal in all conceivable cases and we will look into ways to customize the scaling behavior. Thanks for the suggestion, Rickard.