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Suggestion for using unity



we are using unity for IOC and AOP, i think its much more flexible than your example with PostSharp. I will try to write a way for using SI with AOP over unity over Interception. I think that is, for sure, not easy like using AOP, SI, PostSharp, but much more flexible. Maybe we can integrate your postsharp example to a unity example. I just start to review now now you postsharp example to see, how you have done. How i said in my last post i think i have to do a little bir more with SI rather than the small work (and small possibilities) of log4net ive used until now. But its not wasted time!


Hello Michael,

we would be very interested in having additional examples on how to integrate SmartInspect with other AOP frameworks and tools. In fact, we plan to publish additional examples on our blog in the future. If there’s anything I can do to help with this, please let me know!