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Suggestion: Add an Expand / Collapse All button to the section tree


It would be great if you could add an Expand / Collapse button to the section tree.

This has never bothered me too much before, but now that we are forced to use compact mode (we can’t seem to just load all cases with the override pagination link anymore) this would make our lives easier.


Hello Glenn,

Thanks for your posting. TestRail now automatically remembers and restores the collapse/expand state for test suites and runs per user and suite/run. We usually recommend keeping all sections expanded if the suite/run is not too large but it can make sense to collapse sections as well of course.

You can also look into using the new view mode that shows a single group and all subgroups (if any) and this is a very useful mode for larger test suites. You can also increase the pagination limit for the traditional All mode under Administration > Site Settings > User Interface.



Thanks Tobias.

We are already at the maximum pagination limit of 750, and in one particular suite we have 1916 cases in 98 sections so we don’t have any room to move.

The single group + subgroup feature is nice but the issue with that is that we can’t easily use the browser search (CTRL-F) function to search through all of the available test cases for a given suite as a lot of test cases are hidden.

Using the TestRail search feature doesn’t help us in our largest project either as it’s too slow at the moment because there’s currently no way we can limit the search to only look for Test Cases, or only look inside a given test suite.

Anyway, I can probably just implement the expand / collapse all feature myself as a UI Script.


Thanks for the update, Glenn. Yes, using a UI script should work for this.



Hey, just wonder about this request of adding expand /collapse all button, is this already available? This is required when we have many testcases and sections. Thanks in advance


Hi there!

Thanks for your feedback. Expand/collapse is currently not available but the tree state is remembered so you would only need to configure this once and TestRail would restore this even across page refreshes etc.

I hope this helps!